Parallax Art Fair London

 P(AF) makes a uniquely refreshing conceptual statement about subjectivity and the commoditization of taste, as well as raising questions about the role of the artist, art public and the way the industry functions. The event attracts around 200 artists from all over the world, presenting 2,000 to 3,000 pieces. The loose “mosaic” approach to ‘curating’ P(AF) befits its irreverence for the anthropomorphism of traditional exhibitions and is conceptually in line with the event’s spirited accessibility. The art spans the spectrum in content and style due to the level playing field of P(AF)’s universal acceptance, ensuring ‘established’ and ‘emerging’ artists are equally represented.

Opening times: 
Friday February 21st, 1pm – 8pm
Saturday February 22nd, 11am - 5pm

edytaART - Ceramic Art & Sculpture